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Web designer and web developer with thirty years experience in the printing/publishing trade. Has extensive traditional (analog) printing background with expert knowledge of the current electronic printing applications. Extensive experience in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, as well as numerous legacy programs. Capable of taking overall charge and responsibility for implementing a company's goals for a project. Can connect senior management's strategic vision with the implementation of a project's artistic, technical, budgetary, time, and staffing requirements. Can connect the user interface and underlying programing of an application or website seamlessly into a unified, reliably functioning product.


Milwaukee Graphic Arts Institute
Advanced Photoshop, Advanced Illustrator, Advanced InDesign, Advanced Quark, Advanced Internet Design, Digital Scanning, Theory of Color and Light, Film Assembly and Imposition, DeskTop Publishing

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Undergraduate Study-English Literature


Wizard Information Technology Service, LLC
Web Developer
Sole proprietor of company specializing in web design and custom programing. Provided Internet solutions for customers, as well as developing solutions for printing/publishing needs of customers' traditional media needs.

Advanced Anti-Terror Technologies (A2-T2)
Graphic Designer
Responsibilities at A2-T2 included creating web based interfaces for projects under contract to DARPA; coordinating employee networked file upload/download capabilities; creating stand-alone applications using Microsoft Expressions Blend; creating graphic designs for use in the company's projects.

Foresight Communications, Inc.
Systems Technician
Managed E-mail and web hosting services for customers. Worked with a variety of clients to improve the usability and effectiveness of their websites, networks, and server environments. Provided clients with tailored recommendations for server virtualization, disaster recovery, and remote manageability.

J.J. Hoppmann Printing
DeskTop Publishing Operator
Desk Top Publishing Operator Responsibilities at Hoppmann Printing included pre-press production and layout, film assembly and imposition for press, conversion and output of customer supplied files to film for printing, and custom product design. Duties included computer systems operations and maintenance, and laser image setter configuration and maintenance.

MCP Company, Inc. (formerly Mueller Color Plate)
Duties included desk top publishing and electronically imaged (laser) film production. Earned journeyman's cards in the lithographic-stripping and camera departments. Supervised six employees in the Quality Control/Proofing Department. Was responsible for web site design and creation. Supervised the remote communications systems for the company in the forms of Email, electronic file transfers, and Internet connectivity. Produced under deadline printed products for nationally known companies such as as Miller Brewing Company, General Motors, Pabst Brewing Company, Pepsi Bottling Company, Quaker Oats, Hunt Wesson, Ford Motor Company, General Foods.

Expert in coding trade-offs, newest coding proposals, code-validation, and predicting problems. JavaScript Programing, PHP Programing, Cascading Style Sheets, JQuery, MySQL Databases, Perl Programing. Conversant with MIME types and streaming-media issues, basic UNIX System V commands, symbolic links, etc. Can hand-code advanced HTML.

Can create complex graphic buttons, button bars, banners, and logo-like or iconic elements, realistic drop shadows, beveled buttons, and "warp" existing artwork in perspective. Digital photomontage experience. Can create attractive new images in either mannered, iconic, or flat clip-art styles. Can create artwork digitally, from scratch, that is indistinguishable from traditional illustrations. Understands color-palette and graphic-compression issues, and has practical experience as to how this knowledge is applied.

Can design a website from scratch that is a unified work of art. Can combine content, navigational structure, and appearance into a powerful integrated experience. Possesses a strong sense of color, layout, and drama. Can create specific moods through lighting, shadows, and color. Can integrate object and bitmap elements seamlessly. Can create numerous objects in several styles without looking at a reference.


Londoner Game
On-line simulation currently in use by the History Department of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

MOG 93
On-line combat simulation currently in use by the United States Army Command and General Staff College in the simulations and history course "Panzers and Pentiums".

Shorehaven Behavioral Health, Inc.
Commercial website for mental health services provider

Commercial website for independent pharmacy. Includes videos produced by Wizard IT Services.

Quality Design & Apparel
Commercial website for silk screen printer and embroidery company. Includes videos produced by Wizard IT Services.

Ben Sidran
Commercial website for Grammy nominated recording artist and award winning record producer

Additional work examples available upon request.

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